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The Best of Chess Life and Review – Vol. 2


The brilliance and tumult of Bobby Fischer years changed the chess world forever. The highest-rated chess player and the only player to wrest the title from the Russians since 1937, Fischer, with his devastating play and tempestuous temperament, provided challenge and inspiration for an entire generation of chess players. Two decades after Fischer’s world championship victory, another dashing young upstart won the crown – Gary Kasparov. The Best of Chess Life and Review, Volume II, provides you with priceless coverage of the careers of both of these champions and many others, along with the instruction, history, lore, and artful diversions that fans of this magazine’s enduring value and entertainment have known and loved for over fifty years. Every entry in this anthology is a highlight, but some of the brightest include: *extensive coverage of Fischer’s 11-0 1964 U.S. Championship victory, the only shutout in its history *the best and most detailed coverage anywhere of the 1972 Fischer-Spassky World Championship match *thorough coverage of how Fischer lost his title, including controversial correspondence by the champion himself *reminiscences and chess analysis by the world champions *complete coverage of Gary Kasparov’s career, from his debut at fifteen to the 1987 Karpov rematch *and much, much more! Black and white illustrations, photographs, and diagrams round out this historic volume edited by noted chess writer and Chess Life columnist Bruce Pandolfini. Either together or individually, The Best of Chess Life and Review, volumes l, and II, offer a rich and instructive chronicle of the most notable triumphs, defeats, personalities, and diversions in modern chess history.

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