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Sultan Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Boxwood – 4.5″ King


The Sutan is a large end elegant chess set with a 4.5″ tall king and a beautifully sculptured knight that features ornate detail and a bridle. The fine detail carved into the knight is exquisite with special attention paid to the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The replication of the carvers work from knight to knight is remarkable. The king, queen, and bishops have columns with proportionate width and graceful curve. The king has a slight concave top which is quite unique and 2 different finials that can be interchanged according to your personal taste. The queen has a unique and attractive bowl shaped head and 12 sharp points that are perfectly spaced. The bishop miter is average size with a narrow, straight slot. The rooks have a wide base and stand just below the top of the knight’s head and have an attractive shallow parapet with perfectly cut crenels.Whether you are a collector or looking for just one special chess set to display in your home, the Sultan will enhance every game of chess you play! Ebony & Boxwood King Height: 4.5″ King Base: 2″ King Weight: 4.6″ Chess Set Weight: 82 oz. Green Baize Pads Includes 2 Extra Queens For a limited time includes our Deluxe Coffer, a $299.95 value Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.375″ – 2.5″ Squares (not included)

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