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Royal Staunton Chess Set in Golden Rosewood & Boxwood with Large Walnut Chess Case – 4″ King


This chess set package includes our Royal Staunton chess set in golden rosewood and boxwood with a 4″ king matched with a beautiful walnut chess case. Our Royal Staunton has unique and elegant features but with a traditional look. The king, queen, and bishop have large, over-size collars that look perfect with the profile these pieces have. The king’s top curves sharply from the collar to the top rather than the common straight line that most kings have and it has a tall and distintive finial. The queen’s crown has points that are perfectly spaced and left thick enough to prevent breaking. The bishop miter has a conical shape with a narrow slot. The rooks are tall and with a graceful curve from the parapet to the base. This is a large chess case with 2.25″ squares that works perfect for these chess pieces. The case frame and molding is made from solid wood with an inlaid walnut and maple chess board on top. There are two large drawers, one on each players side, for storing chess pieces. The board is recessed so pieces won’t slide off and a black inlay delimeter separates the playing area from the border. The golden rosewood and boxwood chess pieces blend perfectly with the colors of the chess case. Chess Set: Premium Quality Golden Rosewood & Boxwood Pieces individually hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel King Height: 4″ King Base: 1.75″ King Weight: 4 oz. Chess Set Weight: 44 oz. 2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion Green Baize Pads Chess Case: Solid Walnut, Walnut & Maple Veneers Elegant inlay border around perimeter of case Finish: Satin Polyurethane (soft sheen) Square Size: 2.25″ Overall Case Dimensions: 20.5″ x 20.5″ x 3.625″ 2 Drawers (1 on each players side) Inside Drawer Dimensions: 11″ x 8″ x 1.875″ Drawers lined with a soft velour material

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