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Roman’s Lab: Live from Las Vegas National Open


Over 2 hours running time. This DVD comes to you live from the International Chess Festival held in Las Vegas at the U.S National open. Roman covers in his first lecture the non main lines in the Scandinavain Defense 1.e4 e5 and on whites second move. Roman covers 2. Nf3,Nc3,e5 & more. Roman covers the main lines on vol. 17 Unbeatable Secret Weapons for black. Roman feels the Scandinavain is as good if not better opening for black as the French or Caro-kann. On the Second part of the lecture Roman gives you an introduction to an opening he has played for 20 years, and one of Fischer’s favoritesThe Kings Indian Attack. This DVD is a prelude to vol. 28 where Roman will cover this fexible opening in more depth. Black cannot prevent you from playing your standard set-up 1.e4 or Nf6 followed by g3,Bg2,o-o. Roman will explain whites ideas and plans and how to achieve good positions. In Roman’s second lecture, Roman will analyze 2 very entertaining and educational games that was played against Susan, Sophia and Judit Polgar Triplex Simul, which took place at the U.S. National Open.

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