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Principles of the New Chess


Are you one of the many, a chess player who loves the game and the basic moves, but balks at memorizing the endless strategies yuou always thought you needed to know to improve your level of play? If so, you’ll be glad to know that now there is a simpler, superior method that is also the most up-to-date and complete. In Principles of the New Chess, U.S. National Master Brice Pandolfini demostrates that winning chess strategy is founded on basic principles which every player can use to improve his or her game. Drawing on his more than 15,000 hours of teaching experience and the experience of the best new generation of teachers around the world, Pandolfini lays out the fundamentals of the New Chess in a simulated instructional game he developed with top American and Russian students. Giving special attention to the opening and to the middles games, the phases most important for intermediate players, this master teacher shows you how to make the right moves in any chess situation with the help of flexible and versatile principles, rather than rigid, memorized sequences. He also provides simple and effective planning and analysis techinques that will help you to use the principles to your best advantage while waiting for your next move. With *144 diagrams *supplementary examples and advice from teachers all over the world *questions and answers integrated into the text *the new standard algebraic notation *a final review with 10 basic suggestions for better chess playing Read Principles of the New Chess from start to finish and then use the principles to devise your own game plans, or grab a chess board and play out the model game by yourself or with a friend. Either way, this imaginative , lucid, and effective new approach will provide hours of stimulating instruction and authoritative reference, while also making playing chess more fun.

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