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One Move Chess By The Champions


Since 1886 the world chess champion has been determined approximately every three and a half years in dramatic head-to-head- competitions. From Steinetz to Karpov, the twelve men who have held the title have shared on un-paralleled desire into that most definitive and triumphant of moves – checkmate! Now you can try to match wits with the camps in suspenseful, one-move problems that capture an average of ten games per player in the moment just before the victory-forcing play. Bruce Pandolfini, National Chess Master, columnist for Chess Life magazine, and teacher extraordinaire, presents the problems in an easy-to-use, instructive, interactive format that includes 100 individual diagrams and provocative clues. The moves are arranged in order of difficulty from beginning to advanced, and solutions are provided at the bottom of each page – try covering them with an index card as you try to solve each of these exciting problems. Champions include: *Smyslov *Steinetz *Tal *Lasker *Petrasian *Capablanca *Spassky *Alekhine *Fischer *Euwe *Karpov *Botnivik Invaluable commentary, analysis, and historical information on each champion, plus the new standard algebraic notation make One-Move Chess by the Champions a book that will provide hours of stimulating and enjoyable entertainment for years to come.

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