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Manopoulos Tiger Striped Ebony Backgammon Set – Large


From the workshop of Manopoulos in Athens Greece comes a collection of beautiful, hand crafted backgammon sets in a variety of unique designs and wood combinations. This backgammon set features a beautiful tiger striped ebony exterior that opens to a black playing surface with oak and walnut points. To emphasive the rich colors and unique wood grain of the tiger striped ebony wood, the sides of the case are covered with darker walnut creating a framed look. The black playing surface creates a stunning contrast against the surrounding walnut colors and the oakand walnut points create a striking contrast against the oak. The combination of these different types of woods and their unique colors and grain is amazingly beautiful. Chip racks on both sides of the board conveniently hold chips that are not in play. The chips are made from Greek olive wood with one side stained a walnut color. Included with this backgammon set are two sets of dice, a doubling cube, instructions on how to play backgammon, and an attractive black carrying bag with the Manopoulos logo. Whether for yourself or a gift, this backgammon set is bound to please with its old world quality and craftsmanship.

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