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Chronos Chess Clock – Black


The Chronos Digital Game clock is one of the best chess clocks available and has become a standard in the game of chess. It’s a heavy duty chess clock made from a solid metal case that can withstand rigorous use game after game. The clock is finished in a durable enamel that will look good for years. The face tilts back so each player has a clear view of the time on the large LED display. An easy to follow 67 page user manual comes with the clock to guide you through the many modes and settings. The Chronos comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Simply the best chess clock available! Over 70 programmed modes including those for; five minute chess, chess andante, chess byo-yomi, chess hour glass, chess progressive, GO Japanese byo-yomi, GO adante byo-yomi, GO progressive byo-yomi, GO Canadian byo-yomi, GO Ing byo-yomi, FIDE, count down, count up, Adagio, sudden death, Adante, sudden death and delay, delay with move counter, count down and delay, Shogi, and shuffle chess Up to 12 user configure modes can be created and stored Mode options include: beep-at-end, beep-at-time-control, LEDs on and in most modes you can alter the time of the clock during the game Beeper pitch can be adjusted to desired level Shuffle chess position generator Batteries included Clock dimensions 8.25″ x 2.75″ x 2.5″

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