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Chess Tiger 15

ChessTiger by Christoph Thron is the shooting star among chess programs. The rate at which its playing strength has increased in recent years is sensational. Already in 1999 and 2000 it chalked


Zap!Chess is the commercial version of Zappa, the 2005 World Computer Chess Champion. The CD contains two versions: “Paderborn and Reykjavik”. Reyjavik is the version that won the World Championship; Paderborn includes

Chess Endgames 1 – Basic knowledge for beginners

Endgame theory constitutes the foundation of chess. You realize this in striking clarity once you obtain a won endgame but in the end have to be content with a draw in the

Power Play 2 – Attacking the king

Checkmate ends the game thats an undeniable fact. Yet one sometimes gains the impression that players who gleefully and unashamedly play for the attack are treated as a joke by their colleagues.

Chess Endgames 4 – Strategical Endgames

In the fourth volume of the endgame series a lot of themes with more material are included like rook and minor piece vs rook (and minor piece), rook vs two minor pieces,

Power Play 7 – Improve your pieces

Why is maneuvering important, and in what circumstances should we consider maneuvering rather than another course of action? In this 7th Power Play DVD, Daniel King helps you to recognise when a

Chess Endgames 5 – Endgame Principles Activity & Initiative

The first 4 DVDs in the series on the endgame cast some light on theoretical endgames and were systematically organised according to the distribution of material, starting with pawn endings and going

Chess Endgames 2 – Rook Endgames

Endgame theory forms the basis for chess. This becomes painfully clear as soon as a player has reached a clearly won endgame, yet must fi nally content himself with a draw because

Deep Hiarcs 13 Multiprozessor Version

For 20 years HIARCS has been among the very best chess programs in the world. Ever since its first World Championship success in 1991 HIARCS has maintained its position as one of

Dominate With the Slav Defense, Chameleon Variation (Download)

This chess DVD introduces the viewer to a very solid chess opening the Slav Defense with 4….a6, also called the Chebanenko Variation or Chameleon Variation. The chess DVD is structured with the

Floret Decorative Bone Chess Set with Red & White Pieces

This beautiful hand carved bone chess set comes from the Punjab province of India. This design is highly ornate and it takes many patient hours of a highly skilled craftsman to produce

Mastering The Opening Forum Series – A Repertiore For Black Part 1

The Dragon’s Accelerated Return This dvd expands on the Black opening repertoire recommended by GM Dzindzichashvili – indeed the Accelerated Dragon not only takes its own place within that repertoire but may

Mastering The Opening Forum Series – A Repertiore For Black Part 2

Dzindzi Indian Defense GM Dzindzichashvili explains the strategic and tactical nuances of an original Black defensive system beginning with 1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.Nc3 c5 4.d5 Bxc3+!? 5.bxc3 f5 developed from the

Mastering The Opening Forum Series – Crushing Lines for White

An Original System For Grinding the Sicilian Defense Tired of losing your way in all of the theory of the Open Sicilian?? Let GM Dzindzichashvili introduce you to a sound positional method

The ABC of Chess Openings – 2nd Edition

In the all new “ABC of Chess Openings” International Master Andrew Martin explores the diverse possibilities available to everyone in the opening phase of the game. The material is broken down logically

Power Play 11 – Defence

There is a seeming inevitability to many defeats one side has the initiative, goes on the attack and from that moment it is very difficult to turn back the tide. In this

Roman’s Lab: Transitions to the Middlegame

Lessons 11-15 11. Designing Sicilian Assaults from the Opening 12. Building Attacking Positions from the Opening Part 1 13. Building Attacking Positions from the Opening Part 2 14. The Importance of Planning

Mastering The Endgame Forum Series – Part 2

Rolling with Rooks and Pawns GM Dzindzichashvili teaches the basic principles of elementary rook endgames including the critical theoretical R + P v R positions that are essential knowledge for all chess

Mastering The Opening Forum Series – The Nimzo Indian Defense

The Contemporary Shield of the Nimzo Indian GM Dzindzichashvili continues his coverage of the Nimzo-Indian Defense from Black’s perspective, examining systems such as the Saemich Variation (4.a3), the 4.f3 Variation, and important

Mastering The Opening Forum Series – Romans Original D4 Repotire for White

Blunting the D4 Dagger GM Dzindzichashvili completes his new Black repertoire against 1.d4 by providing the viewer with methods for combating various White systems such as the Trompowsky, the London, the Torre