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1851 Heirloom Staunton Chess Set in Antiqued Ebony & Boxwood – 4″ King


You will see a keen resemblance between our 1851 Heirloom Staunton chess set and its earlier predecessor produced by the Jaques of London in the years of 1850 to 1851. The 1851 model is one of the more distinct designs with a knight that is easily recognized because of its unusually large jowl. The 1851 is also is known as the Morphy, named after the American chess player Paul Morphy, one of the greatest chess masters in this era. The king and queen have graceful profiles with the king featuring a traditional formee cross. The queen’s crown is beautifully detailed with sharp points that are precisely spaced. The knights have a large, exaggerated jowl that easily distinguishes this set from others while still elegant with beautifully carved features and detail. The bishop miter has a deep and wide slot perfectly cut and carefully finished from one side to the other. The rooks are large standing just below the top of the knights and with perfectly cut crenels. The pawns have wide collars with large bulbs. The boxwood pieces are stained to create the rich amber patina you would find on a real antique chess set. Both ebony and boxwood pieces are finished in a soft satin varnish for an antique look. The pieces are heavily weighted for stability on the chess board and the bottoms are covered in green billiard cloth so that they slide easily from square to square. Whether a collector, casual chess player, or buying a special gift for someone, you will enjoy the charm and elegance of both playing with and looking upon this old Staunton chess set from ages past.

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