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1849 Heirloom Staunton Chess Set in Antiqued Ebony & Boxwood – 4.4″ King


Our 1849 Heirloom Staunton Chess Set resembles closely that of the circa 1849-50 Jaques London sets. The 1849 is a club size set with a 4.4″ tall king with pieces that are exceptionally robust and heavy. The knight is particularly stout and heavy with fine detail carved into the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The replication of the carvers work from knight to knight is remarkable. The pieces have a soft and silky lacquered finish to give them look and feel of an old, antique chess set (in new condition). The boxwood is stained to a dark amber color to replicate the patina of boxwood a hundred years old. The king, queen, and bishops have unusually wide columns with only a slight curve from the base to the collar adding heft to this set. The king has a traditional formee cross that is quite small and reserved for only the finest chess sets. The queen’s crown is wide and thick to prevent breaking and has 11 sharp points that are perfectly spaced. The bishop miter has an elegant shape and has a wide slot that extends deeply into the miter. The rooks are broad and extra tall standing well above the knights. The pawns are tall and heavy with a wide collar and large head. Both collectors and chess set connoisseurs will find this heirloom quality set a favorite in their collection and will enhance the experience of the game, win or loose.

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